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By Executive Pastry Chef  Carla Abigale Ali-Bernard

November 28, 2014

"To Garnish" or "Not to Garnish" - The Pertinence of Presentation

When we think of Desserts, a sense of relaxation is envisioned. 
You may likely picture an enticing array of ingredients skillfully composed to excite your palette. Well, indeed an elaborate dessert presentation does factor in a level of expertise in mastering the Art of the Pastry Chef. However, simple presentation does too require a fundamental sense of beauty and appreciation of design conceptualization to achieve success. 

Let’s, delve into the aesthetics of a dessert.
The beauty is interpreted as a mental perception depicted by an innate steering based on one's experiences. Therefore commonplace elements & inclusions will trigger indulgences for a natural excite & birthing of favorable experiences.

We'll start at this point, and I'll engage your thoughts here. 
Let say one's presented with a dessert >>>
Plain Sponge cake, for example, there's no icing, no decorations nothing to capture your attention (No eye appeal). I mean if someone is presented a dessert in this manner, well, if they've just got a sweet tooth craving, sure they'll consume without a second thought, right!!! 
Let's look at another scenario, that same sponge cake is iced with piped & toasted meringue and topped with an exotic array of colorful fresh fruits. Oh my, surely this will excite anyone's palette right!!!

You see, as my dear culinary school Chef Lecturer back in my training days, would always reinforce this truth >>> We eat with our eyes first and this is precisely the point.

To conclude, it’s a definite, Yes. We must take heed, on what a finished product represents and the visual appeal of our Food /Dessert Presentation. That is if you surely want to achieve that 'wow' effect at every offering. 

In my post to follow, we'll explore the dynamics of Garnishing and Presentation elements and styles for your successful approach to Culinary & Pastry Arts creations.

Chef Abigale

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