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By Executive Pastry Chef  Carla Abigale Ali-Bernard

May 28, 2015

A Chef's Canvas - ALL Edible Artistry

We're THE STARTING LINE, for your Kitchen Creations.
Specialty Products & CHEF SERVICES for your Next Step.

Do follow the link above, to view a sample portfolio.

Our Desserts are the canvas from which our Edible Artistry are innovated. Each work of art is produced with intricate custom finishes inspired by the clients' we serve.

"My company's purpose was born out of the need for dynamic Sugar Artistry, expressed in the birthing of Elite - Eccentric - Exquisite, Wedding Cakes.
The beauty evokes a sensory savor to the palette and eye appeal.
A Wedding Cake should embody the Couple's style and bring to fruition a design concept that evokes a sense of purpose with Showstopping appeal in an ALL EDIBLE (Sugar-Crafted) creation.
As a child, I would always be inventing Culinary Creations, having my family be the 'tasters'. Mind you, family are your best critics :)
They're sure to provide All their 'loving' comments and it's from their support and later from my husband's endless encouragement that I pursued professional training in the Culinary Field.
My academic training did enrich my already budding fascination with this art form and has brought me to a place of contentment. Here,  I can offer Artistic Culinary Creations with a driving passion and everything within me.
My motto being to provide Culinary Masterpieces that always reflect one hundred percent perfection with accountability to God for his blessings of entrusting me with such a talent and thereby the unwavering satisfaction of my clients."
-Chef Abigale-

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