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Sugar Artistry ONLINE Training Programs

By Executive Pastry Chef  Carla Abigale Ali-Bernard

July 16, 2015

ONLINE Sugar Artistry Cupcake & Cookie Decorating (05-OTCCCD-L1)

Welcome, to the world of Sugar Artistry
Here, you'll be exposed to a dynamic field of study, which will equip you will a skill-set to creating edible works of Art. Our programs are self-paced and you can expect loads of support and resources in your journey to enhancing or becoming a Sugar Artist /Cake Designer.
Visit our Website:  http://www.TheStartingLineLtd.com
  • On completion of  training with Chef Abigale, you will acquire the skills to creating stunning Edible designs for many special occasions; Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Promotion, Engagement, Wedding and much more...

Envision your possibilities and see yourself achieving your goals.
We're here to support your training needs for your success in this vibrant industry where, your creativity can be unleashed.  The Cake Design & Sugar Art business arena isn't by any way saturated at this time, as discovering your competitive edge truly drives indefatigable entrepreneurship.  
As in most endeavors, perfection is attained with practice and we will reiterate this throughout the delivery of this course and other programs offered. In this regard, we encourage you to awaken your dreams, engage your support mechanism (God & Family), activate a discernable self-motivation and you'll find success in accomplishing your goals.

Happy Sugar-crafting !!!

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