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By Executive Pastry Chef  Carla Abigale Ali-Bernard

October 27, 2015

All Edible Sugar Artistry - WEDDING CAKES


Exquisite - Eccentric - Elite
WEDDING CAKES design creation by Executive Pastry Chef Carla Abigale Ali-Bernard.

Follow the five (5) steps below and identify your Couple's Style towards, creating Your beautiful
Make it memorable!!!

  • Determine What Flavor Cakes is your preference.

It's quite trendy to select more that one flavor to meet the needs of all, especially if your Wedding cake will be served as the main dessert on your Wedding menu to your guest. We offer a wide range of flavors to suit your unique preferences and will be sure to excite your palate and 'Wow' your guest. 
Contact Chef Abigale and let's innovate your Exquisite Wedding Cake Flavors.

  • Determine what shape tiers you favor. You can use different shapes to create a unique style.

  • Determine what type of flowers you like or the design concept you like. Remember, we can create most anything that can be conceptualized in an ALL Edible Sugar Artistry for your special day. 

  • Consider what Design Layout you'd like.

There are many options, such as stacked, on stands, with separators or you may consider combination style. Have a look at a sample of our portfolio to determine which Design layout is your preference. 

  • Consider your Wedding Theme and Color preferences.

Consider setting a theme, as this can influence the design concept as well as appropriate Table Decor elements for presentation of your Wedding Cake. Your color scheme can be incorporated to compliment your design concept selection. 

Connect with us today, for your Wedding Cake consultation. 

We aspire to perfection, going beyond our clients' expectations. 

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